Guide Prices for Alcove Furniture


This diagram indicates prices for typical living room alcove installations.  For more details, with examples, download the pdf here:

  Freebird Alcoves Pricelist

We are VAT registered and the prices shown include VAT.

How do our prices compare?

We have done extensive research to confirm that we are very competitive with providers of similar quality.  If comparing quotes please consider what is included and feel free to ask us further questions about our service.  Our products are planned to the millimetre, bespoke manufactured and pre-painted offsite to exacting standards, and using the highest quality environmentally friendly finishes, installed and fully finished usually within one day for your convenience, and cannot be compared to the work of independent joiners cutting and fitting boards on site.

Other Projects:

For storage cupboards with tall doors expect to pay upwards of £1200 per alcove, and for large bespoke units upwards of £1200 per linear metre.  Because we offer a genuinely bespoke design and manufacture service we cannot confirm exact prices until we have surveyed the space and prepared your unique design, which we will send to you by email with a fixed quote and drawings similar to those shown here.