Modern Alcoves

One of our most popular images, this room in a house near Endcliffe park in Sheffield shows how a simple yet carefully designed and skilfully fitted alcove installation can transform a living space.


Another example of our popular floating alcove shelves which are securely secret-fixed to the walls at rear and sides and will never sag.  Each piece is carefully trimmed to the shape of the wall, fitted, caulked and painted for a pristine finish.  The cupboards have shaker style doors and finish flush with the chimney breast.  The cupboard on the right is angled for a TV.



In this example the doors are flush, and the floating shelves are made from oak.  For a more minimalist example of our modern alcove style, with handle-less touch-to open doors see this example on our Houzz profile page


This example shows how we can design our cupboards and shelves to fit any space - here we framed a doorway.  We can also create much larger runs of cupboards and shelves as shown here.