Classic Alcoves

Traditinal hand made fitted alcove cupboards and bookcases either side of a fireplace

This project shows a typical pair of our 'Classic Alcoves', however each project is made to measure to fit the space.  In this example the customer chose a slightly blue shade of paint to complement the ironwork, slate hearth, and dark oak floor.


Here we used a slightly off-white paint and incorporated some special features: an angled cupboard for the TV; integrated lighting, and extra tall bookcases.  All of our projects are designed to neatly integrate cabling, and we can even install an infra-red repeater to allow you to control DVD players etc inside the cupboards.


3 door fitted alcove cupboards with asymmetrical bookshelves and an angled TV cupboard

For alcoves wider than 120cm we recommend a 3-door cupboard as shown here at left.  We also suggest adding dividers to longer shelves.  In any case we only fit furniture we are confident will both look good and stand the test of time - no sagging shelves with us!


Fitted alcove cupboards with integrated bespoke solid oak desktop and full height storage doors

In this example you can see how we can integrate other features, like this solid oak desk, and tall doors to enclose an upper bookcase.